One thing that sticks out about Maura's teaching is her ability to be flexible. No matter the energy or skill levels, she is always able to lead a class that meets my needs for that day. I asked to get my butt kicked, and she really delivered! Maura made me feel challenged and strong at the same time. I loved the sequences she led!

Laura L.

I was skeptical about taking yoga until I took one of Maura's classes and have become a regular attendee ever since. She is an incredible yoga instructor who thoroughly explains the purpose and mechanics of each vinyasa, or move, so we know how to get the best results from our efforts. Maura has a very gentle, patient quality that makes you feel at ease as soon as you enter the class. She adjusts the class to the skills we want to work on, but also makes sure to balance our practices with other necessary yoga skills. Thanks to her wonderful classes, I've gained more strength and agility than I ever thought possible. Plus, I am calmer and can relax more easily than ever before.

Hillary L.

As a private student, Maura has developed a routine for me using both yoga and Thai Yoga Massage that builds my strength and flexibility, and reduces my tension and stress. It's a great workout, the best of both worlds! Maura also checks on any issues I have at the beginning of each session and modifies our session to address these. She is accommodating and delightful to work with. Fabulous!

Genevieve C.

I have experienced Maura as a teacher in both private and group class settings, and there is nobody that equals her level of connection with the students!

Tammy H.